Derbyshire Walk – Ashover & Milltown Quarry

Ashover is one of my favorite places for many reasons, It is a nice picturesque village where my friends and I have spent a lot of time over the years. Perhaps the main reason is due to the Old Poets Corner being located there, The Poets is a great country pub that offers traditional ales, serves nice food and has its own micro brewery. Today wasn’t about the beers or the food, it was about the walking and to burn off some of the Christmas excess of Beer and Food consumption.

We parked just across from the Poets on the road up to the Church, got our walking boots on and got the dog’s on leads ready for the off. This walk is relatively short so we bought my mother in laws hounds with us.

20140104-215615.jpgThe first part of the walk saw us proceeding along the road (B6036) in the direction of Kelstedge before crossing over at SK 3461 6314 to join the footpath down to the river. The river Amber begins its journey a mile or so upstream from here and flows down to meet the river Derwent at Ambergate.

20140104-215404.jpgAfter crossing the bridge at SK 3434 6319 the next place we walked through is Butts Quarry, the work here has long since stopped and one of its uses now day’s is a venue for Motocross. I’d advise you to check in advance if you are visiting in Summer with dog’s just incase a reroute is needed to avoid the action. We crossed over the motocross track, walked over a small bridge and then were back out on the fields again walking up towards Goss Hall.

20140104-215415.jpg20140104-215422.jpgWhen we reached the minor road SK 3378 6271 we took a left turn and made our way along towards Overton Hall. The road is very quiet and we saw no cars at all so the dogs were able to remain off lead. The Hall is a great building which looks to have been converted in to multiple dwellings.

20140104-215434.jpg20140104-215442.jpg20140104-215449.jpgAt SK 3466 6218 we turned north eastward on to the path which leads across to Milltown Quarry, another one of the large disused limestone quarries in the area. You walk in a fenced off area between two rather large drops here so I would advise keeping your dog’s on leads for a while at this point. The fence only really seem to be there to keep you on the path and dogs can get underneath easily.

20140104-215457.jpg20140104-215505.jpg20140104-215514.jpgAfter Milltown Quarry we descended in to Milltown itself where we were back down in the valley bottom once again. When you emerge out on the road here you are walking where the Ashover Light Railway once ran, you can see some of the remaining rails still laying in the road further up before you take the path through the farm at SK 3538 6225. We rejoined the River Amber and crossed over a very old clapper bridge, we then meandered for a short while along a freshly paved section before coming to a 90 degree bend. We stopped for walking snacks and made sure the dogs had a drink while we relaxed for a while. Just around the bend you will notice what is left of an old railway bridge which was also once part of the aforementioned Ashover Light Railway.

20140104-215521.jpg20140104-215535.jpgThere is one very short slope out of the valley bottom and then your back on the road in to Ashover. It can be rather busy at times so we had the dogs back on leads once again for the short walk to the car.

20140104-215546.jpg20140104-215556.jpgIt had been a great walk of around 3 miles and we had all thoroughly enjoyed some much needed fresh air. Even though it had only been a very short walk I decided to track our route using Viewranger, upload the gpx file to and write a post for you here. I have had many requests over the past few years to feature smaller routes that are dog and child friendly so I thought I’d start with a personal favourite. No audio was recorded today and also no DSLR was taken so hopefully iPhone images will do :-).


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