Lake District – Borrowdale – 3 Days Walking & Wild Camping

I really enjoy getting out for the day for a big walk, its great to get up early and stretch the legs from sunrise to sunset. day walks always leave me with the same feeling though, sadness that its over so quickly and the need to get back out again as soon as possible. As … Continue reading Lake District – Borrowdale – 3 Days Walking & Wild Camping

Peak District – The Roaches

It's always great to find new places and travel to unfamiliar pastures, today was to be one of those great days of discovery. After fulfilling some commitments earlier in the day the afternoon had gradually freed itself up for another walk, My friend Ray was also off work so it was only fare that we … Continue reading Peak District – The Roaches

Peak District – Stanage & Bamford Edge

Well, I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas break. Sadly I had to work the majority of it but never mind 🙂 I work shifts so it's always rough with the smooth. Now that things are starting to return to normal, its high time I get back to planning where and when I'm going to … Continue reading Peak District – Stanage & Bamford Edge

Peak District – Howden, Bleaklow & Alport

After my windy walk with Andy last week ("Peak District – Ladybower & Alport Dale") I decided it was high time for another Peak District outing. There has been rather a drought when it comes to walking of late, what with one thing and another I just haven't had the time to head out. I … Continue reading Peak District – Howden, Bleaklow & Alport

Peak District – Ladybower & Alport Dale

After a relative drought when it comes to walking I decided I would head out come rain or shine today. The forecast was for high winds and also plenty of rain but I thought what the heck, I'll just go for it. A quick call to my mate Andy and the plan was set. We … Continue reading Peak District – Ladybower & Alport Dale